You may wish to seek counselling for many reasons related to school or college or maybe difficulties at home. You may not be feeling yourself and may find it helpful to talk to someone who isn’t a family member or friend.

I work with young people aged 14 and above. I have worked with young people with a variety of issues including, but not limited to, exam stress, self-esteem, bullying and family problems. I can also help with managing a diagnosis, loneliness, self-harm, self-image, trauma and abuse. Counselling provides a safe place where you can talk in confidence and take time to reflect on your thoughts and feelings. I listen without judgement and will support you to manage your worries and make positive decisions for yourself.

A parent or carer may wish to be present for the start of the first session so that we can discuss some practical information. The rest of the session and subsequent sessions are 1:1. However, with your agreement we can offer occasional reviews with a parent or carer as appropriate.

Sessions will be confidential. However, if I am concerned about your safety or wellbeing I may need to speak to your parent or carer or another professional. Where possible I will talk to you first so that you are aware.